Mark Whitlock
Mark Whitlock
Name Mark Whitlock
Occupation Corrections officer
Pathology Proxy murderer
Family Janice Whitlock (wife)
Jeffrey Whitlock (adoptive son, deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Myk Watford
First Appearance "Raw"

Mark Whitlock is the adoptive father of Jeffrey Whitlock and the former corrections officer of Brannon Lee Redding.


Mark and his wife Janice got two life-insurance policies taken out of Jeffrey, making him worth $750,000. Wanting to gain the money as soon as possible after becoming bankrupt from paying the $350 monthly premium, they hired the Revolutionary Aryan Warriors to murder their own adoptive son. Coincidentally, they hired Brannon Lee Redding to carry out the killing. However, their scheme was discovered by FBI Agent Dana Lewis, who alongside Detective Olivia Benson arrested the both of them. He was sent to prison for life along with his wife for first-degree murder for hire.

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