Markus West
Name Markus West
Occupation Doctor
Pathology Pedophile
Child molester
Sexual assailant
Status Deceased
Actor Lorenzo Scott
First Appearance "Chasing Demons"

Markus West was a doctor who performed oral sex on little boys as young as ten who were his patients.


West was a child physician who trapped his patients, all little boys, in a children's playroom and performed oral sex on them there. Three boys eventually came forward with the claims that West had performed oral sex and other sexual acts on them. DA Investigator Brian Cassidy, along with the Special Victims Unit, investigated the claims and managed to arrest the doctor. However, during the subsequent trial, Cassidy lost it after West's lawyer claimed he was being racist against West, who is black, as well as bringing up Cassidy's sexual past and his old cases involving Bart Ganzel.

As a result of Cassidy's outburst, the judge declared a mistrial, deeply upsetting the boys and their families. One night, when Brian visits West, he is knocked unconscious by the older brother of one of the victims. Whilst Cassidy is lying unconscious in West's house, West is murdered by the brother and branded with a metal piece from a fidget spinner before the boy flees. Cassidy was initially suspected of murdering West, until further investigation cleared him from the charges. (SVU: "Chasing Demons")

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