Marshall Koehler
Name Marshall Koehler
Title Tyler Brunsen
Pathology Stalker
Proxy rapist
Family Joshua Koehler (father)
Martha Koehler (mother)
Status Unknown
Actor Jon Patrick Walker
First Appearance "Liberties"

Marshall Koehler (alias Tyler Brunsen) (born 1976) is the son of Judge Joshua Koehler and his wife, Martha. Koehler was kidnapped in March 1979 at the age of three.

He was long suspected to have been raped and murdered by a pedophile named Roy Lee Dotson. Years later, his father asked Detective Elliot Stabler to interrogate Dotson as to the whereabouts of his remains. It was later discovered Dotson had nothing to do with his abduction, he had been abducted and raised by Gregory Brunsen, who sexually abused him throughout his childhood. Judge Koehler obtained a DNA test after a quote he had taught Marshall as a child, “A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny”, was spouted at him during court by rape and stalking suspect Tyler Brunsen. The test confirmed Tyler was actually Marshall. They are reunited at the end of the episode. (SVU: "Liberties")