Martin Bosa
Martin Bosa
Name Martin Bosa
Pathology Child trafficker
Serial kidnapper
Serial harasser
Status Extradited
Actor Sullivan Walker
First Appearance "Ritual"

Martin Bosa is a Nigerian national who was arrested for trafficking children in New York City.


After Allan Shaye snitched about him being behind the Nigerian Children Trafficking, detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson set up a trap to lure him to them. He ends up in a fight with Detective Fin Tutuola while fleeing until Stabler and Benson arrived and arrest him. When in interrogation, the female that was with Fin at the time is revealed to be a Nigerian Under Consul, who informs Martin that his passport is revoked. Reminded that he faced capital charges in Nigeria - and that, unlike the United States, executions were not intended to be "humane" - the detectives managed to get him to disclose information on the latest abducted Nigerian Children delivery.

He was extradited back to Nigeria and is currently serving time in Kirikiri Prison. (SVU: "Ritual")

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