Marv Sulloway
Name Marvin Sulloway
Occupation Building owner
Pathology Triple murderer
Family Birdie Sulloway (wife; deceased)
Chet Sulloway (adoptive son)
Status Deceased
Actor Vincent Curatola
First Appearance "Ballerina"

Marvin "Marv" Sulloway was the owner of several strip clubs, peep joints and dance clubs and the prime suspect in a rape and triple murder.


Marv made a fortune owning several businesses that often employed dancers and strippers and started cooking the books to earn even more money. The IRS tried to prove the fraud three different times but failed to prove anything. At the request of his wife, Birdie, he bought the Empire Dance Studio in 2007 and put Birdie's name down as the owner. He eventually kicked the original tenant out and brought in a new tenant who renamed it the Ballerina Room and gave it an island theme and allowed some of the dancers to have sex with the customers.

Marv would occasionally come into the place to check on his investment and eventually met one of the dancers named Tisa Flores and became obsessed with her. He tried pressuring Tisa into being with him despite her already having a boyfriend, Alejandro Reyes. Despite the constant rejections he kept pursuing her and started stalking her. He eventually broke into her apartment and waited until they came back. When Tisa and Alejandro started to get busy he jumped out of the closet and bashes Alejandro's head on the wall. Tisa grabs a gun trying to defend herself, but Marv overpowers her and rapes her. He then shot Tisa once in the head, killing her and shot Alejandro once in the head and staged it to look like Alejandro raped and killed Tisa and turned the gun on himself. Unbeknownst to him the bullet that killed Alejandro traveled through the wall and killed the next door neighbor as he was having an argument with his roommate.

Detectives Benson and Stabler later come by his apartment after they see through the set-up and Marv lies, saying he has barely been in the Ballerina Room. He realizes the cops are onto him and starts packing to leave town when he and his wife share a drink. Unbeknownst to him, Birdie's nephew, Chet, spiked his drink and Birdie pushed Marv out the window, killing him and staging the death to appear as if Marv jumped when it looked like he was going to be arrested.

Known Victims

  • March 4, 2009: The apartment break-in:
    • Tisa Flores (stalked, raped, and shot once in the head)
    • Alejandro Reyes (bashed his head against the wall and shot once in the head)
    • Stan (accidentally shot once in the chest through the wall by the same bullet that killed Alejandro Reyes)
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