Maryann Foster
Maryann Foster
Name Maryann Foster
Affiliation Rudy Langer
Bernard Jackson
Family Dewitt Foster (husband)
Status Unknown
Actor Pamela Gray
First Appearance "Art"
Maryann Foster is the wife of Dewitt Foster, who donated works of art to small museums in order to pay less money in taxs.


Dewitt was a investor who made millions worth of investments so in order to avoid the large amounts of taxes they bought art they knew was forged, most notably from Rudy Langer and donate them to small art galleries or museums. It is unknown if Maryann knew of Dewitt's tax fraud.

Maryann is approached by Detectives Goren and Eames when she and Dewitt were discovered to by customers of Rudy. The detectives ask Maryann where she and Dewitt donated a painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir she says that she had donated it to a small museum in Des Plaines, Illinois. When asked why she had donated it to the small museum there Maryann responded by saying that the bigger museums are filled with impressionists but in Des Plaines her donated painting would stand out. Maryann points out that it was Dewitt's idea, who, Detective Eames pointed out had spoken with Rudy and Bernard Jackson. When the detectives ask how much Maryann had paid for the Renoir she says she paid one-and-a-half million dollars for it, a bargain. Detective Eames remarks how it was still a nice painting for a small museum.

It was discovered by Declan Martell that Dewitt was buying art and donating it in order to have to pay less money in taxes. It is unknown if Maryann was arrested for her possible involvement in the tax scams. (CI: "Art")

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