Matt Cooper (Pornstar's Requiem)
Matt cooper
Name Matt Cooper
Affiliation Hudson University
Occupation College student
Pathology Rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Casey Thomas Brown
First Appearance "Pornstar's Requiem"

Matt Cooper is a college student who, along with his roommate Daniel Pryor, raped Evie Barnes because she was a porn star.


When Cooper discovers a pornography video in which Barnes stared in, he shows the video to Pryor. When Pryor convinces Cooper that porn stars are very promiscuous in real life he invites her to a party. At the party Cooper and Pryor lurer Barnes into the bathroom and they sexually assault Barnes while Pryor videotapes the assault. After the rape Barnes runs out of the bathroom and Pryor reveals to Cooper that they really did rape Barnes and that they need to lie to the police or they would both go to jail. When the SVU detectives begin to investigate Barnes rape, Cooper is questioned by Odafin Tutuola and claims that the sex was consensual. Pryor's wealthy family then hires attorney John Buchanan to represent both him and Cooper.

When they are brought into the precinct to be interviewed, Cooper wait nervously for Pryor to be finished and when he had to go to the bathroom Dominick Carisi, Jr. leads him to the restroom, while taking him to the restroom Cooper sees Pryor being interviewed with Buchanan and when he reveals that only Pryor's family is paying for their defense, Carisi says that normally the suspect to confess first tends to get the best deal. When he is being questioned with Buchanan by Amanda Rollins and Tutuola, Cooper begins to confess and when Buchanan tries to stop him Cooper fires him and says he won't take the blame for what they did to Barnes, he then tearfully admits to the detectives how Pryor and him raped Barnes.

Cooper then pleas guilty to misdemeanor rape so that he would only serve one year in prison, or no prison at all, and agrees to testify for A.D.A. Rafael Barba about how they raped Barnes. In court Cooper testifies how Pryor tricked him into raping Barnes with him and remorsefully apologizes for what he did. During cross examination, Buchanan tries to claim that Cooper was confused about what happened and that he only plead guilty to get a reduced sentence. Eventually the jury finds Pryor guilty of raping Barnes but during sentencing Judge Oscar Briggs set aside the jury's guilty verdict, much to Barnes dismay and Barba's anger. (SVU: "Pornstar's Requiem")

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