Matthew Braden
Name Matthew Braden
Title Defense Attorney
Detective (former)
Affiliation NYPD (former)
Occupation Attorney
Police officer (former)
Pathology Assailant
Status Alive
Actor Steven Weber
First Appearance "Screwed"
Last Appearance "Snitch"

Matthew Braden is a detective-turned-defense attorney in the New York City Police Department.


His police career was mostly unremarkable, but in 1993, he was one of the detectives who searched for Elizabeth Roth, who had been kidnapped and buried alive a few hours before her kidnapper was arrested. Eager to get her location, Braden began to break the guy's arm; after breaking the arm in three places, he finally got the location, and Roth was found just before death. Because of Braden's use of physical coercion, the kidnapper walked, and Braden's career was very quietly ended. He decided to go back to law school, and now works as a defense attorney. (SVU: "Harm")


  • Criminal case ended in a mistrial after one of the jurors suffered a heart attack and Sutton helped resuscitate him. Sutton was later temporarily stripped of her medical license due to Warner, but says that even that could ruin her career.


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