Matthew Carton
Name Matthew Carton
Affiliation Daniel "Danny" Otum
Harold "Harry" Johnson
Pathology Thief
Family Unnamed mother
Status Exonerated
Actor Omar Sharif Scroggins
First Appearance "Tragedy on Rye"

Matthew Carton was a petty criminal, convicted murderer, and suspected accomplice in the murder of Lucy Dolan.

History[edit | edit source]

Carton was a petty criminal and murderer with records dating back to 1996. He was employed by drug dealer Danny Otum to retrieve a plasma TV from the apartment of Lucy Dolan, an actress who owed Otum money. However, Dolan was shot and killed shortly after Carton, Otum, and another accomplice named Harold "Harry" Johnson left the building with the screen, which implicated them.

They were arrested and later found guilty of capital murder, but were eventually exonerated after EADA McCoy determined who the real killer was. (L&O: "Tragedy on Rye")

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