Matthew Linwood Brodus
Matthew Linwood Brodus
Name Matthew Linwood Brodus
Occupation Former plumber's apprentice
Pathology Convicted serial killer
Convicted serial rapist
Convicted serial kidnapper
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed half-sister
Unnamed grandparents
Status Executed
Actor Nick Chinlund
First Appearance "Execution"

"I hate psychiatrists, don't you?"

Matthew Linwood Brodus was a convicted serial killer, rapist, and kidnapper.


He was sentenced to death by the State of New Jersey for at least 12 torture-murders. He would keep his victims alive whilst he raped and tortured them before killing them, tortures which included disemboweling them. It is also implied that he had sex with his victims' corpses. His execution was imminent when Detective Elliot Stabler and Dr. George Huang interviewed him to get him to confess to the murder of Debbie Cooper, under the guise of asking him to profile another serial killer who targeted young girls. While this would have no additional penalty, it would provide closure to the families.

Stabler was able to get the confession he sought, but Brodus used the opportunity to temporarily escape his execution by attacking both Huang and Stabler. This resulted in the prison guards beating Brodus severely, which is what he wanted. The injuries sustained in the beating forced the delay of his execution, as executing the injured is against the law. (SVU: Execution)

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates in New Jersey: At least twelve unnamed women (all tortured and murdered)
  • Unknown date in 1991, New York City, New York: Debbie Cooper (tortured, blinded, and murdered)
  • January 30, 2002, New Jersey:
    • Dr. George Huang (attempted, but survived; strangled and slammed his head against the wall twice)
    • Detective Elliot Stabler (attempted, but survived; was beaten and strangled)
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