Maureen Stabler
Name Maureen Stabler
Occupation Student
Family Elliot Stabler (father)
Kathy Stabler (mother; deceased)
Kathleen Stabler (sister)
Dickie Stabler (brother)
Elizabeth Stabler (sister)
Elliot Stabler, Jr. (brother)
Bernadette Stabler (paternal grandmother)
Joseph Stabler (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Three unnamed aunts
Three unnamed uncles
Unnamed granduncle
Status Alive
Actor Erin Broderick
Autumn Mirassou
First Appearance SVU: "A Single Life"

Maureen Stabler is the oldest child of Detective Elliot Stabler and Kathy Stabler. Her siblings are Kathleen, Elizabeth, Dickie, and Elliot Jr.

History[edit | edit source]

Maureen was born when her parents were 17-years-old; they married after finding out that she was on the way. Elliot wanted to be a fighter pilot and astronaut like his idol, Dick Finley, but chose his pregnant wife. He then went into the Marines to take care of his family and become a cop. Elliot was present at Maureen's birth, and her parents took turns taking care of their baby while working shifts to support themselves with Kathy working days and Elliot working nights. While Kathy was working, Elliot used to take baby Maureen to the park and to the grocery store, although he was very tired and wanted to sleep while the baby wanted to cry (SVU: "Stolen", "Tragedy", "Wanderlust").

Elliot had difficulty adjusting to the fact that his oldest daughter was growing up, and hitting puberty. He was very protective of her (SVU: "Wanderlust"). Maureen once managed to sneak out of her parents house undetected, but was caught by her father while trying to sneak back in. Elliot was called in to the crime scene of Jeanne Gallagher, and was up at 2:30 in the morning. He suspected that she had been drinking, and grounded her for a couple of days. While dropping her off at her school, he realized that he’d overreacted to the situation (SVU: "Sophomore Jinx"). He inadvertently exposed Maureen to a crime scene while he was driving her home from a party; this was something for which he would never forgive himself (SVU: "Wrong Is Right").

Maureen wanted to go Columbia University (SVU: "Pixies", "Monogamy"), but Elliot was distracted with his job and forgot to send in a check for the application. Thus, Maureen went to Hudson University (SVU: "Grief"). Maureen, despite being in college, continued to live at home even when her parents separated. When this occurred, she went to live with Kathy's mother (SVU: "Doubt", "Contagious"). By "Annihilated", Maureen had already moved out when Elliot went to check on Kathleen, Elizabeth, and Dickie in bed after a horrible night of tragedy he discovered.

Following the death of Kathy, Maureen, her siblings, Elliot and Benson attended her funeral. Maureen comforted Eli during the funeral. Upon leaving, Maureen noticed Eli was still standing in front of Kathy's coffin and called him over but Eli, in a state of shock, broke down crying. (OC: "What Happens in Puglia")

It is said that she is in a relationship with a man named Carl. (OC: "Say Hello To My Little Friends")

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Maureen has appeared in 14 episodes and has the same episode count as her sister Elizabeth.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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