L&O, Episode 10.18
Production number: E1121
First aired: 5 April 2000
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Elias Grace
Written By
Lynn Mamet

Directed By
David Platt


Following a fatal helicopter crash, it's learned that a bomb had been placed aboard, and the resulting investigation involves the dead pilot and a couple who started a religion.


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Recurring cast

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Elias and Valerie are the greatest people in the world. You're neanderthals compared to them.

–Maggie Callister, to McCoy and Carmichael

Ed Green: No sign that Joe was having an affair in New York. If he was cheating, he was a pro.
Abby Carmichael: If you'd taken a page from his book, Lennie, you'd still be married.
Lennie Briscoe: Bite your tongue.

Elias Grace suckered these people out of millions of dollars and he turns out to be the biggest sucker of them all.

–Jack McCoy after learning that Valerie Grace had manipulated her husband to murder in an attempt to obtain his money

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Lewis Aviation
193 FDR Drive
Tuesday, January 19

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rollins
Albany, New York
Thursday, January 21

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Naransky
Astoria, Queens
Monday, January 25

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Elias Grace
244 East 83rd Street
Thursday, February 4

5 6 7 8

Callister & Garret Agency
895 Third Avenue
Tuesday, February 16

Southside Tavern
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Thursday, February 25

Skyport Inn
12 Old South Road
Tuesday, March 9

Supreme Court
Monday, March 29

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"Black, White and Blue"
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Season 10
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