Law and Order

Megan Carlisle is a woman who was raped in her apartment she shares with her husband Barry.


The serial rapist responsible, Luke Dixon, forced Megan to urinate in a sample cup and then get into a drawn bath so she would be washed and douched to get rid of evidence from Dixon. He cleaned the scene, stole the bedding, and threatened Megan with seeing her again. Megan readily reported it, and Barry was always with her. Megan was nearly raped again in a second burglary by Dixon, but Dixon had realized one thing: Megan was pregnant from the rape, which is what Dixon wanted, so he left.

Megan, who was hoping for a child with Barry for years, kept her unborn child and never told Barry that he might not be their baby's father. When several other women Dixon raped were found, along with Megan, she was questioned. The detectives immediately suspected Dixon was the father of the baby. After Dixon was arrested in a sting and two women Dixon raped, Gina Maylor and Elizabeth Hassenback, died by suicide and murder from Dixon, accordingly, Megan was questioned for a paternity test to get Dixon convicted. Barry was horrified, and to save her family, Megan refused. To get her to cooperate, the detectives arrested her on obstruction.

Barry posted her bail and was ready to flee with her and her baby. Dani Beck privately spoke with Megan and convinced her to speak about the rape and save her family and freedom. Dani assured her a harder fight for her would be being a fugitive and Dixon being free. Megan started to cry, so Dani consoled her and encouraged her for the test. Barry stormed to the hospital and was horrified by the confirmation. Megan brushed off Beck in her own grief when Barry was devastated and left. The test confirmed Dixon raped Megan, leading to Dixon confessing to raping Megan, Gina, Elizabeth, and over a dozen more women in a plea deal. Because Barry was still crushed from the truth about his stepchild, it was left ambiguous what happened to the Carlisles and their relationship. Nevertheless, they were free of legal penalties. (SVU: "Confrontation")