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Detective Megan Wheeler is a retired detective who was assigned to the Major Case Squad, first partnered with Mike Logan and then Zack Nichols.


As a young child, Wheeler's father left her, her sister, and her mother one day and never returned. Years later, while investigating the murder of a judge's son, the owner of Spire, Seamus Flaherty, reveals he knew her father. She then began to investigate and learned that her father helped businesses receive licenses, including his business partner. During the course of the investigation into her father's life, she learns that he is still alive and that he remained close to his partner's family despite leaving her own. (CI: "Players")

Wheeler in 2006.

In 2006, Wheeler joined the Major Case squad and was partnered with Mike Logan after his previous partner, Carolyn Barek, left for unknown reasons. It was during her first case that Logan learns their captain, Danny Ross, is her rabbi in the police force (CI: "Tru Love").

In 2008, Megan met and became engaged to Colin Ledger. However that relationship ended after the corrupt Queens DA, Terri Driver, had him sent to federal prison. (CI: "Last Rites") It is later revealed in 2009 that he would be incarcerated for twelve years along with the fact that she was pregnant. It was around this time that Logan retired so her partner became Detective Zack Nichols. (CI: "In Treatment") She later gave birth to her daughter, Margo Jane Wheeler, with her sister by her side. (CI: "Major Case")

Wheeler was said to have retired four years prior to the events of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Gambler's Fallacy", according to Detective Nick Amaro.


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