Melinda Granville
Melinda Granville
Name Melinda Granville
Affiliation Granville Developers
Family Rose Granville (mother, deceased)
Daniel Lester (ex-fiancé)
Status Alive
Actor Kellie Martin
First Appearance "Tragedy"

Melinda Granville is a top executive of Granville Developers, ran by her mother Rose Granville and was the fiancée of Daniel Lester.


After Daniel was engaged to Melinda, she feared that Daniel still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend Annika Bergeron. She discovered Annika was pregnant with Daniel's kid and she told her mother. Rose then decided to the best thing to do is to get rid of the baby and arranged for Annika to be kidnapped.

When Melinda learn that Daniel was arrested for Annika's kidnapping, she tried to get money for his bail. But didn't have enough to pay his bail. When she went to her mother's accounts, she found out that her mother had Cayman Island accounts and realized that Rose masterminded the kidnapping of Annika. But decided to cover it up when she knew it was too late to save Annika, who was scheduled for a c-section because the placenta was blocking the birth canal.

After Annika died giving birth to her daughter Celia, Melinda was questioned by Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson. She then revealed the truth and reluctantly tells them she told her mother. Daniel, angered by Rose masterminding the whole kidnapping and murder plot and Melinda's indirect involvement, walks away from Melinda. Melinda confronts her mother about her masterminding the death of Annika. Rose reveals she planned the whole thing to get rid of Annika and her baby to make sure Daniel wouldn't leave Melinda and take his money to help Annika and Celia. As Rose was placed under arrest for kidnapping and first-degree murder, Melinda tried to talk to Daniel, but Daniel looks at her one more time before leaving her in the hallway of the 16th Precinct to raise his daughter Celia.

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