Meredith Rice
Meredith Rice
Name Meredith Rice
Affiliation IS-41
Occupation Middle school principal
Pathology Pedophile
Statutory rapist
Serial sexual assailant
Registered sex offender
Family Unnamed husband
Jason Rice (stepson)
Unborn child
Unnamed grandfather (likely deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor Stacy Edwards
First Appearance "Head"

Meredith Rice is a middle school principal who became a pedophile after getting a brain tumor and had an affair with a student.


Meredith was molested by her grandfather by the time she was eight. This trauma, along with a brain tumor, caused her to develop pedophilic feelings for boys. She began having sex with a student, Shane Madden, in a public restroom, not knowing the act was secretly being recorded. Shane was a willing victim as he had problems at home with his mother being an alcoholic and his father being absent. Thus, he sought emotional refuge in Meredith, with whom he apparently fell in love, entered a physical relationship, and had unprotected sex with her.


Meredith is arrested for molesting Shane, and she sexually assaulted Detective Stabler. After her arrest, three boys come forward and reveal Meredith molested them too (one was hugged and kissed while the other two were fondled) It is revealed that she is actually sick with a tumor that is causing her actions and she is horrified once it is removed. Similar cases have happened, and Dr. Huang advises that based on related research, she is not legally guilty and will not re-offend unless the tumor returns.

ADA Novak offers a deal where Rice gets probation if she agrees to register as a sex offender and keep away from Shane. Though her lawyer disagrees with her registering as a sex offender as it would prevent her from working with children again, Meredith agrees as she cares too much about the children to risk putting them in danger from her if the tumor returns. Shane, her underage lover, was going through despair from this turn of events, and became greatly heartbroken as he thought they were indeed in love. Stabler assured him that he would get over this.

Everything seems to be fine, but then Meredith is arrested for violating her restraining order and approaching Shane. She reveals the reason why: she is pregnant with Shane's baby and she thought he deserved to know. While being escorted out, she laments on how this has made her lose everything: her job, her husband, and her life. She then admits she wanted to have a baby of her own, but the circumstances led to this being ironic. (SVU: "Head")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates:
    • Unnamed boy (had inappropriate sexual contact with)
    • Two unnamed boys (both fondled)
    • Shane Madden (entered into a consensual sexual relationship with)
  • May 10, 2004: Detective Elliot Stabler (sexually assaulted)