Law and Order
Law and Order
L&O, Episode 10.04
Production number: E1101
First aired (US): 13 October 1999
First aired (UK): 13 October 1999
First aired (CAN): 13 October 1999
First aired (AUS): 21 February 2000
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Written By
Lynn Mamet

Directed By
Steve Wertimer


The younger daughter of a wealthy family is found dead and the investigation involves two sons of rich friends.


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Jack McCoy: What the hell is this marriage about?
Abbie Carmichael: Well, I'm guessing love isn't at the top of the hit parade.
Abbie Carmichael: The laws for the rich are different.
Jack McCoy: What laws for the rich?

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Providence Hospital
420 Eighth Avenue
Tuesday, June 23

Home of
Carlita Mazariegos
Soundview, The Bronx
Tuesday, July 28

Office of
Executive Assistant
D.A. Jack McCoy
Wednesday, August 19

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