Michael Connelly
Name Michael Connelly
Affiliation Jack Driscoll (in secret)
Family Greg Connelly (brother)
Status Deceased
Actor Jordan Dean
First Appearance "The Last Street in Manhattan"
Michael Connelly is a man who pretended to be a witness to the murder of David Kellen.


Michael was hired by Jack Driscoll, David's true killer, who was associated with Michael's brother, Greg. Michael was told by Jack or one of his henchmen to divert attention from him and onto someone else. When Michael revealed himself as a witness of David's murder he describes the murderer of David as female even though the true killer was male. Later, Michael was brought to the interrogation room by Detectives Goren and Eames, he was given a list of potential female suspects, Michael pointed at the picture of Nikki Vansen, David's ex-girlfriend.

However, when they looked into Nikki and how she felt about David and his death and they realized that Nikki could not have been the killer. The detectives look into Michael and they realize that Michael's brother, Greg had ties with Jack. However, Jack feared that Michael would be revealed as a fake witness and he would rat him out so Jack or one of his men shoots Michael in the back of the head execution-style, killing him. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan")

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