Michael Dobson
Name Michael Dobson
Occupation Owner of the Ha-Ha comedy club
Pathology Proxy murderer
Proxy assailant
Family Sandra Dobson (first wife; deceased)
Jessica Dobson (daughter)
Jeremy Dobson (son)
Kathleen O'Brien (sister-in-law)
Emily Dobson (second wife; deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Larry Miller
First Appearance "Coma"
Last Appearance "Encore"

Michael Dobson was the prime suspect in the murders of both his wives.


When his first wife Sandra was shot and subsequently hospitalized, the police initially suspected Michael of shooting her because she wanted to leave him. The police recover the bullet in her brain and she later dies from her injuries. The killer is later revealed to be a junkie named Robin Wenner, who later dies of an overdose, and the charges against Michael are dropped. It is later discovered that Robin worked at Michael's comedy club, but the police found no other connection between them. (L&O: "Coma")

He later arranged for his second wife Emily to be killed by a hitman named Luis Cruz and police investigate the crime. Initially, they suspect Michael of ordering the hit but do not have enough proof. It is later discovered that at the time of their deaths, both wives had insurance policies taken out on them right before they died. They eventually stumble upon his future third wife, Margaret Nash, and get her to turn on him. He is later sent to prison for Emily's murder. (L&O: "Encore")

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