Michael Williams
Name Michael Williams
Title Pa
Tony Minetti
Occupation Maintenance worker
Pathology Serial kidnapper
Serial rapist
Family Dagmara Williams (wife)
Two unnamed sons
Buddy (son with Kayla Greyland)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Michael Massee
First Appearance "Imprisoned Lives"

Michael Williams is a serial kidnapper, rapist, and pedophile.


Williams kidnapped three young girls over an eighteen-year period, held them captive in a home that he inherited, and physically and sexually abused them. He found his first victim through his work as a school maintenance worker, and used her to assist him in the other kidnappings. He fathered a boy, Buddy, with one of the captives. Michael never let them know his real name and went by "Pa". Also, he went by Tony Minetti to the neighbors.

In 2013, Williams' crimes were uncovered after he took Buddy to Times Square and he was forced to leave him behind after a police officer spotted them. He returned home and fled with two of the captives, leaving the third behind because she was sick and mentally challenged after years of abuse. This girl was later found by SVU detectives. Later, another captive escaped, and he then left the final one behind.

He was tracked down at his official residence, where he was spending time with his other sons, and arrested. (SVU: "Imprisoned Lives")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 1995, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York: April Hendricks (kidnapped and held captive; was released on July 31-August 2, 2013)
  • Unknown date in 2002, Brooklyn, New York: Rhonda Davis (kidnapped, held captive, and left to die; was rescued on July 30, 2013)
  • November 25, 2004, Poconos, Pennsylvania: Kayla Greyland (kidnapped and held captive; she escaped on July 31, 2013)
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