Mike Dodds
Mike Dodds.JPG
Name Michael "Mike" Dodds
Title Sergeant
Affiliation NYPD
United States Army
Division Special Victims Unit (2015-2016)
Anti-Crime Unit (????-2015)
U.S Army Special Forces (2001-????)
Precinct 16th Precinct (2015-2016)
Family Unnamed Grandfather
William Dodds (father)
Ingrid (mother)
Matthew Dodds (brother)
Alice Gray (fiancée)
Status Deceased
Actor Andy Karl
First Appearance "Maternal Instincts"
Last Appearance "Heartfelt Passages"

Sergeant Michael "Mike" Dodds was second in command at the Special Victims Unit. He was transferred to SVU by his father, Deputy Chief William Dodds when Olivia Benson was promoted to Lieutenant.

On SVU[edit | edit source]

Mike initially had his concerns about a case, involving a religious family who had a pregnant teenage daughter. Mike has experience with this kind of case in Crown Heights before and didn't want SVU to be wasting time. However, this changed when it was discovered that the pastor Gregory Eldon has been responsible for impregnating her. After the case, Mike tells his fellows that he thought SVU should be taking a rapist off the streets not from a church. Benson told him that those criminals lurk where they're trusted. (SVU: "Patrimonial Burden")

Mike was shot in the shoulder by serial killer/rapist Greg Yates during a manhunt in upstate New York after Yates and fellow serial killer/rapist Carl Rudnick escaped from prison. Mike and Chicago P.D. Detective Erin Lindsay pursued Yates after he attacked Rudnick and left him to be recaptured. (SVU: "Nationwide Manhunt")

He was temporarily made acting commander of SVU after IAB suspended Benson for being involved with Ed Tucker, who was a suspect in an investigation involving a church. (SVU: "Manhattan Transfer")

Dodds uses his experiences with his troubled brother to get a confession from a man who killed his own brother, which was a successful act. (SVU: "Fashionable Crimes")

Mike was shot during his final day at SVU by corrupt prison guard and serial rapist Gary Munson, who had taken Dodds and Munson's wife hostage. At first, Mike appeared to be recovering, but when his fiancé arrived, Benson noticed that he wasn't making sense and called in the doctor. It was eventually determined that Mike had suffered a massive stroke that ultimately left him brain dead. After Mike's organs were harvested for transplanting, he was taken off life support and died, devastating everyone who knew him. Following his death, Mike was given a hero's funeral and his mother and younger brother, both of whom were in other countries and had nothing to do with his father for years, came home to help his father deal with his loss. Benson blamed herself for Mike's death and sought counseling, while the incident inspired Tucker to file for a transfer to hostage negotiation. (SVU: "Heartfelt Passages")

Benson never forgave herself for Dodds's death and as a result became far more careful with domestic abuse cases, even keeping Tamin on a tight leash when a boy was found with bruises at his school and his mother was found unconscious and beaten in her apartment, which annoyed Tamin but Rollins let Tamin know about Dodds and that Benson has never forgiven herself for what happened. (SVU: "Ballad Of Dwight and Irena")

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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