Mike Stoat
Mike Stoat
Name Mike Stoat
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Vice
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Dirty cop
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Unnamed son
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dean Winters
First Appearance "Purgatory"

Mike Stoat is a suspended Vice detective who is later arrested for working for a crime boss and being an accomplice to a triple homicide.


Years ago, Stoat met Detective Robert Goren in the Narcotics division of NYPD, remembering that he had 27 arrests, 27 convictions.

He eventually joined Brooklyn Vice but was suspended for six months without pay after he tested positive for cocaine. He eventually started working for a crime boss named John Testarossa to make some extra money while he was suspended. To this end he collected debts, worked as a bouncer, beat people who owed money and got his ex-partner to get guns out of evidence.

After breaking up a fight between Goren in his suspension with Patrick Copa at a bar, he invited Goren to join him in the Personal Security industry.

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