"Military Justice"
SVU, Episode 15.08
Production number: 15008
First aired: 13 November 2013
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Written By
Lawrence Kaplow

Directed By
Tom DiCillo

The SVU investigates the brutal gang rape of a military officer.


Junior officer Amelia Albers is arrested for DUI while on leave in New York City, but her ripped clothes and injuries lead the police to call Detective Benson for help. When a group of soldiers from her unit are named as suspects in her rape, Amelia refuses to cooperate with the SVU for fear of damage to her reputation in the military. When her commanding officer also hinders the investigation, Detective Amaro asks his ex-wife to dig up information on the case, and learns the grim reality that every female officer faces.



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3rd Precinct
21 Varick Street
Sunday, November 3

Sea Horse Bar & Grill
255 Front Street
Monday, November 4

Office of
ADA Rafael Barba
1 Hogan Place
Tuesday, November 5

Supreme Court
Part 19
Wednesday, November 13

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"Military Justice"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 15
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