Millie Vizcarrondo
Millie Vizcarrondo
Name Millie Vizcarrondo
Affiliation NYPD
Division Crime Scene Unit
Precinct 16th Precinct
Occupation Forensic technician
Family Unnamed father
Status Alive
Actor Paula Garcés
First Appearance "Strain"
Last Appearance "Alien"

Millie Vizcarrondo is a CSU technician for the New York City Police Department.


The daughter of a fingerprint analyst, she spent several years trying to solve one of his unsolved cases: a case involving an unidentified Latino boy who was found in a box. She felt as if her father while investigating this unsolved murder, neglected her, and loved the unknown child more than her.

Though she was able to locate the boy's killer, Sheldon Kerrick, in 2005, she was never able to put a name to the boy. When the case was finished, she followed advice from Detective Elliot Stabler and took some time off. (SVU: "Name")


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