Missy Kurtz
Missy Kurtz
Name Missy Kurtz
Occupation Student
Pathology Triple proxy murderer
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Peter Kurtz (adoptive father)
Raquel Kurtz (adoptive mother)
Rebecca Kurtz (adoptive sister; deceased)
Status Executed
Actor Ari Graynor
First Appearance "Damaged"

Missy Kurtz was a psychopathic teenager who planned the murders of her adoptive sister and two other people.


Missy was repeatedly abused and pimped out by her biological father and his friends. She was finally placed with the Kurtzes by ACS and was later adopted by them. Despite finding a loving home with her adoptive parents, Missy had missed the crucial bonding period of her life; according to Dr. George Huang, she could not form attachments or relationships with others as a result.

When the Kurtzes later had a daughter, Rebecca, Missy resented the attention her younger adoptive sister got. Eventually, Missy raped Rebecca with Joey Field's help. When she threatened to tell her parents, Missy orchestrated the murder of her sister, which she tried to disguise as an accidental shooting during an attempted robbery. She thought that her parents did not love her, yet her parents fought for Missy, even after they learned of her horrific actions towards Rebecca.

Missy faced the death penalty with detachment, based on the testimony of her accomplice in the murders. Without regret for her inevitable sentence, she told Alexandra Cabot, "You can't kill me; I'm already dead."

Missy was tried and convicted of all three counts of murder in the first degree and executed in prison, while her accomplice was sentenced to 25 years in prison for three counts of manslaughter.

Known Victims

  • December 3, 2002: The video store shooting (committed by Eric Campbell and Joey Field on her orders):
    • John Marcum (incidental; accidentally shot by Eric)
    • Rebecca Kurtz (her adoptive sister; shot by Eric; survived, but later died in the hospital; was previously repeatedly raped by her)
    • Eric Campbell (the patsy; shot by Joey)
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