Mitch Carroll
Mitch Carroll.jpg
Name Mitch Carroll
Occupation Actor
Pathology Proxy murderer
Family Amanda Carroll (wife)
John Carroll (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Chevy Chase
First Appearance "In Vino Veritas"

Mitch Carroll is a washed-up actor in New York City who has become infamous for rampant antisemitism.

Background[edit | edit source]

Carroll had garnered infamy for his rampant antisemitic views, which resulted in him being blacklisted in the film industry as a result of being exposed by Danielle Hertzberg, his former producer who was also Jewish. Carroll had instilled much of his antisemitic sentiment onto his son John. In one instance, when John was bullied by another boy in tennis class who was also Jewish, Mitch urged him to hit the boy, resulting in John breaking the bully's jaw. Instead of chastising him, Carroll rewarded John with a $400 tennis racket. One night, John heard that Carroll wanted Hertzberg dead for ruining his career. Prompted by this and the antisemitic values, John ambushed Hertzberg after she met with Mitch, shooting and killing her. Afterwards, Carroll learned about this and dumped Danielle's body.

In Vino Veritas[edit | edit source]

However, on the way back, a drunk Mitch is pulled over by a police officer who notices his bloody clothes and takes him into custody. Later on, Mitch claims that he doesn't recall the previous night and denies his prior behavior as genuine. When police investigate Hertzberg's murder, John confesses to killing her, shouting antisemitic slurs as justification. His toxic behavior and disturbed reasoning convinces a judge to have him tried as an adult.

Over the course of the trial, Carroll maintains his own innocence throughout the whole ordeal and is unconcerned over John's well-being, not visiting his son once and denying being antisemitic. To this end, he hires a Jewish lawyer to defend himself as well. Later, Mitch is tricked into revealing his callous and uncaring attitude towards John, who had been standing outside the room the entire time. Realizing his father was planning to leave him in prison, John agrees to testify against his father. Mitch is then found guilty of Hertzberg's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. (L&O: "In Vino Veritas")

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