Mitch Regan
Mitch Regan
Name Mitch Regan
Pathology Murderer
Repeat offender
Status Executed
Actor Alex Feldman
First Appearance Teenage Wasteland

Mitch Regan was a teenager who murdered the owner of a Chinese food restaurant. Despite his young age, Jack McCoy and Abbie Carmichael felt it was appropriate to seek the death penalty because he had a history of violence and apparently committed the crime simply because he wanted to kill someone. Even Nora Lewin, who opposed the death penalty, felt that the sentence was legally justified.

His defense attorney tried to persuade the jury to sentence Regan to life with the possibility of parole, but they voted to execute him. Lewin speculated that he would be executed before his 21st birthday even with appeals. After hearing his sentence, Mitch's mother had an emotional breakdown in court, begging for Mitch not to be killed for his crimes.

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