Mitch Wilkens
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Name Mitch Wilkens
Title Max Van Horn
Eric Wayne Proctor
Occupation Parking attendant
Pathology Double murderer
Child molester
Double kidnapper
Repeat offender
Con artist
Family Sally Wilkens (mother)
Unnamed father
Status Executed
Actor Logan Marshall-Green
First Appearance "Soulless"

Mitchell "Mitch" Wilkens (alias Eric Wayne Proctor and Max Van Horn) was a kidnapper, rapist, and murderer.


Born as Eric Wayne Proctor, Mitch, at the age of ten, molested, tortured, and murdered his three-year-old neighbor, Tommy Leggatt. He was detained at a juvenile facility and released when he turned eighteen. Upon his release, he changed his name and got a job as a parking attendant. Mitch convinced a group of wealthy young men that he was Max Van Horn, the heir to a cosmetics fortune, and joined their social circle. One night, while out clubbing with his new friends, Mitch drugged fifteen-year-old Chloe Dutton, and he and the other men gang-raped her. Later realizing that she could identify him and send him to prison for good, Mitch kidnapped Chloe from a hospital and murdered her.


Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler encountered Mitch while investigating Chloe's murder. When they found evidence proving his involvement in the crime, Mitch claimed that his friends gang-raped Dutton and bullied him into joining in, and added that he tried to help her afterward. ADA Alexandra Cabot believed his story and offered him a lenient sentence in return for his testimony against the other men. However, when Tommy Leggatt's mother came forward and told the detectives who Mitch really was, they tried to persuade Cabot to renege on the deal, but her hands were tied.

Benson and Stabler interviewed Mitch's mother, Sally Wilkens, who was convinced that her son had changed for the better. When the detectives discovered that Mitch had given her Chloe's bracelet, however, she admitted the truth and testified against him. Mitch was convicted of Chloe's murder, and sentenced to death. Prior to his execution, he was also a suspect in the disappearance of Emily Owens, the elderly ex-owner of the brownstone he lived in before his arrest, but he had no knowledge of her whereabouts. Owens' status remains unknown. (SVU: "Soulless")

Known Victims

  • 1991: Tommy Leggatt (tortured, molested, and burned to death)
  • 2003:
    • Chloe Dutton (raped and set up her gang-rape; later kidnapped after the rape and drowned in a toilet; threw her body into the Hudson River)
    • Nancy (assaulted while kidnapping Chloe)
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