Mitchell Jenkins
Name Mitchell Jenkins
Pathology Double murderer
Double rapist
Domestic abuser
Family Carleen Jenkins (wife)
Tyler Jenkins (son)
Susan Jenkins (cousin)
Unnamed cousin-in-law (deceased)
Three unnamed nephews and nieces
Status Imprisoned
Actor Tyler Elliot Burke
First Appearance "American Dream"
Last Appearance "Sanctuary"

Mitchell Jenkins is a man who raped and tortured a Muslim family, resulting in two deaths.


Mitchell was married to Carleen and had a son named Tyler, but he was very abusive to Carleen. Sometimes, his abuse got so bad, Carleen would have to call the police, but always dropped the charges afterwards out of fear. During the September 11 attacks, his cousin Susie lost her husband, leaving her and three kids. Ever since then, he developed a hatred towards Muslims. Eventually, he met Steven "Stevie" Cole, who also strongly hated Muslims, and the two men hatched a plan to attack a Muslim family who owned a restaurant. They recruited Hector Ramirez, an illegal immigrant and former employee of the restaurant, to help them gain easy access.

Mitchell and Stevie raped and tortured the family, which resulted in two of the family members dying. After a lengthy investigation, which resulted in a witness being deported and the death of Ramirez, the Special Victims Unit discover that Mitch and Stevie were the attackers and arrested them. However, Carleen tells the police that Mitch was home on the night the attack took place, but eventually, Lieutenant Benson convinces Carleen to testify. Carleen tells ADA Barba and the jury that Mitch wasn't home and that there was blood on his shoes and pants. Mitchell has a breakdown, threatening Carleen and trying to attack her, but is escorted away by courtroom officers. Mitch and Stevie are then imprisoned. (SVU: "American Dream", "Sanctuary")

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