Mitchell Koblin
Mitchell Koblin.jpg
Name Mitchell Koblin
Occupation Former teacher
Pathology Alleged assassin
Convicted assailant
Family Unnamed parents
Sandra Koblin (ex-wife)
Status On probation
Actor Jeff Gendelman
First Appearance "Conspiracy"

Mitchell Koblin was a Jewish ex-teacher and a suspect in the assassination of Marcus Tate, a black activist.

History[edit | edit source]

Koblin graduated from Amherst College in 1974, having been a varsity lacrosse player and a member of the debate club. He was voted as "most likely to join the Weather Underground" because of his left-wing ideologies. He also had some arrests for assault and weapon violations, although he was cleared of all charges. Koblin later married an African-American woman named Sandra, who he loved mainly because of his fondness for black culture. He encouraged his wife into getting in touch with it, and she even found herself a job as an accountant for the African-American Congress, a black activist organization.

However, Koblin became extremely jealous of Sandra and began making allegations of her "sleeping with every man at work", including the AAC leader himself, Marcus Tate. They divorced as a result, although Mitchell was too embarrassed to inform his parents. He found himself a job as a history teacher at a Bronx school and was loved by his students, but he was eventually fired because of budget limitations. Koblin kept teaching as a substitute, but he was now more distracted and absentminded. He began stalking his wife by following her at rallies and talks by Tate, sometimes getting in conflict with one of Tate's security guards, Otis Cook.

Koblin eventually became involved in Tate's assassination. Just after the shots that killed Tate rang out, he was seen by some guards, who were shot just as they were going to open fire on him. He was subsequently arrested by Detectives Logan and Cerreta. While he was found not guilty of killing Tate because of conspiracy theories pointing to another AAC personality, Roland Books, as the arranger of the assassination, Koblin was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon and sentenced to time served and probation. (L&O: "Conspiracy")

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