Mitchell Maas
Name Mitchell Maas
Affiliation Brian Kellogg
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Alive
First Appearance "Bounty" (mentioned only)

Mitchell Maas was a serial rapist whose interview was fabricated by Brian Kellogg.


When bounty hunter Robert "Bobcat" Rovelli threatened to expose expose Kellogg for his fabrication of Maas' interview, Kellogg killed him. Later, when Kellogg was on trial for Rovelli's murder, Kellogg's lawyer, Randy Dworkin, argued that he had been driven to make up stories, including Maas' interview, and commit murder because the paper's affirmative action policy, which was well-known throughout the office, made him feel like he had to get better scoops than all of his white peers. (L&O: "Bounty")

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