Monica Devries
Monica Devries
Name Monica Devries
Occupation Reporter
Status Alive
Actor Megan Gallagher
First Appearance The Violence of Summer

Monica Devries is a rape victim.


She is a television news reporter who was gang-raped by four men while researching a story on buying cocaine. The case against her rapists was weak because her memory of the assault was shaky; she forgets the number of men who attacked her, and confuses details she read in newspapers with her real memories of the event. She also has a recurring drug problem that her rapists' defense attorneys use to make her look unreliable to the jury. Left with no other options, Benjamin Stone and Paul Robinette ask to refile the case when they have more evidence, resulting in her rapists going free.

Under hypnosis, she finally identifies the ringleader and provides the police with enough correct details to put her rapists in prison.

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