Monica Johnson
Monica johnson
Name Monica Johnson
Pathology Cop killer
Status Executed
Actor Isabel Gillies
First Appearance "Bad Girl"

Monica Johnson was the first woman to be executed in the state of New York in the Law & Order franchise. She was accused of the murder of a police officer, a crime for which she was tried and convicted after suddenly breaking down and confessing on the stand. While on death row, she became a born-again Christian and dropped her appeals as a form of penance. Her apparently sincere religious conversion and willingness to die to atone for her crime troubles Jack McCoy, who believes that the death penalty is best suited for remorseless killers. Though Monica refuses to appeal, two organizations do so on her behalf and lose. At the end of the episode, Schiff, McCoy and Ross watch an interview with Monica where she discusses being at peace and her hope that her victim's husband will forgive her. The interviewer states that the interview occurred just a few days before she was executed for her crimes.


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