Morrow (Mrs.)
Name Morrow (Mrs.)
Occupation Veterinarian
Pathology Murderer
Accomplice to captivity
Family Randolph Morrow (husband)
Tamara Morrow (adopted daughter)
Status Executed
Actor Susan Floyd
First Appearance "Slaves"

Mrs. Morrow is the wife and abuse victim of Randolph Morrow.


Mrs. Morrow was fully aware of Randolph's actions towards a girl named Ilena Codrescu, but she did nothing about it out of fear of her husband. When the Special Victims Unit started investigating Randolph, Randolph instructed Mrs. Morrow to kill Ilena's aunt Constanta by spiking her drink.

Eventually, out of fear, Mrs. Morrow tried to kill herself. However, she was rescued in time and taken to a mental ward, where she told Detectives Benson and Stabler about her own abuse. After Ilena was rescued, both Mrs. Morrow and Randolph were executed for their actions. (SVU: "Slaves")

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