Law and Order
SVU, Episode 5.03
Production number: E4404
First aired: 7 October 2003
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Written By
Dawn DeNoon & Lisa Marie Petersen

Directed By
Ted Kotcheff


A psychiatrist is attacked, but she refuses to tell detectives about her patients: convicted rapists. When detectives dig deeper, they uncover her unorthodox treatment methods.


When psychiatrist Greta Heints is found brutally beaten, her doctor-patient confidentiality trumps the detectives' investigation. It is believed that one of Dr. Heints' patients might have been responsible for the assault. All signs lead to a convicted serial rapist who was recently released from jail, but then it's discovered that one of Heints' non-criminal patients, a college student named Robert Logan, might be responsible for her assault. The investigation takes a twist when it's discovered that Dr. Heints developed somewhat of a relationship with him. The detectives are disgusted by what they learn, though she claims it was part of her therapy. Through the investigation the detectives come to believe that Robert killed his abusive mother when he was a child. Heints, who was telling the truth, is horrified at the accusation. At her suggestion, the team has Huang talk to Robert to try to get him to confess to his mother's murder. Huang gets him to reveal that his sister, who was imprisoned for assaulting Doctor Heints (she believed Heints was raping Robert) is the killer. When the detectives confront her she confesses, telling them that when she was fourteen she got pregnant and her mother took the baby from her and kicked her out. After learning how her mother treated Robert, she killed her to protect him as Robert isn't her brother, he's her son who her mother took from her.


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  • Javier: I didn't want to let her in.
  • Elliot Stabler: Why did you?
  • Javier: She sounded desperate. (he pauses and Benson and Stabler lean in close) Okay, she gave me forty bucks.

  • Cop: Caught this one with his pants down just about to do her.
  • Stabler: You don't say?
  • Young man: I was just trying to help her up.
  • Benson: With your penis?

  • Elliot Stabler [after hearing Dr. Heints' tape]: Lady, I've got four kids. If I ever talked to one of them like that, I'd arrest myself.

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Saint Ignatius Hospital
1301 St. Nicholas Avenue
Monday, September, 15

Division of Parole
Sex Offender Unit
Monday, September, 15

Short Circuit Electronics
1785 Broadway
Monday, September 15

Office of Dr. Greta Heints
421 West End Avenue
Tuesday, September 16

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Hudson University
Law School
Wednesday, September 17

Westside Methadone Clinic
19 Amsterdam Avenue
Wednesday, September 17

Trial Part 38
Wednesday, September 17

Rikers Island
Thursday, September 18

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