"Mother's Day"
L&O, Episode 13.10
Production number: E3311
First aired: 8 January 2003
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Van Buren Mothers Day.jpg
Written By
Janis Diamond

Directed By
Jace Alexander


The hit-and-run death of a popular high-school student leaves the detectives suspecting the girl's father was the real target. When evidence reveals that the death was possibly a random killing, they are able to track down their suspect to his apartment. However things get complicated when their killer is murdered, and the person who committed the crime happens to be the victim's mother.


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Background information and notes

  • In this episode, Lt. Van Buren mentions having a thirteen-year-old son, Ric, who was diagnosed with scoliosis at age six.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Rockingham Day School
368 Park Avenue
Wednesday, November 14

Schmidt's Bookstore
1437 St. Nicholas Avenue
Wednesday, November 14

Apartment Of
Diane Payton
237 East 13th Street
Wednesday, November 14

4 5 6

Chuck's Discount Gas
116 East 23rd Street
Thursday, November 15

Surrogate's Court
Monday, December 1

St. Justin's Hospital
Rye, New York
Friday, December 7

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 79
Monday, January 3

Supreme Court
Trial Part 79
Tuesday, January 4

Supreme Court
Trial Part 79
Friday, January 7

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"Mother's Day"
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