"Mother's Milk"
L&O, Episode 10.12
Production number: E1110
First aired: 9 February 2000
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Briscoe Mitch Palichek Mother's Milk
Written By
Lynn Mamet & Barry Schindel

Directed By
Richard Dobbs


Bloodstains in an apartment that belonged to a young couple with a baby leads to the separated parents, each of whom claims that the other has the infant.


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Schiff(after the Beltrans are sentenced) Talk about a throwaway child.
McCoy: A 6-week-old baby starves to death in full view of his parents. That's no accident.
Green: How many of these have you done?
Briscoe: Stakeouts?
Green: No, dead babies.
Briscoe: We don't know for sure the baby's dead.
Green: Right.
Briscoe: To answer your question, too many.
Green: This is my first.
Briscoe: That's too many.
Father Aguerro: (about Jimmy) Sometimes he came and stood near the confessional. I was hoping he'd come in, but you can't make someone confess.
Briscoe: Wanna bet?

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 72
Tuesday, January 26

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