Law and Order
"Murdered at a Bad Address"
SVU, Episode 21.06
Production number: 21006
First aired (US): 31 October 2019
First aired (UK): 7 January 2020
First aired (CAN): 31 October 2019
First aired (AUS): 18 June 2020
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Teleplay By
Denis Hamill

Story By
Denis Hamill and Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Michael Smith


The case of a teenage girl assaulted in the projects leads to a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Benson puts her trust in someone from the past.


Benson and Noah are walking from the park, discussing plans to get snacks before a man calls out to Benson and he is revealed to be her brother Simon Marsden. Benson is shocked to see him again, as Simon takes note of Noah introducing himself to the latter. Benson sends Noah to get food, while she talks with Simon and tells the curious Simon that Noah is her son, which surprised him at having a nephew. Simon then notes he didn't know because he hasn't kept in touch with her over the years. Benson asks him about his family and he tells her that his and Tracy's relationship fell apart, with Tracy taking the children and leaving. Simon soon fell out of touch with her. Simon reveals that he moved back to Jersey a few years ago, got a job of and was now clean from a drug addiction. He wants to connect with Benson and her son because they are the only family he has now.

However, Simon does not turn up, and Benson angrily leaves him a message saying that she never wants to see him again. Eventually, Benson discovers that Simon had died of a drug overdose. This revelation leaves Benson distraught, upset that her voice message might have been the last thing Simon ever heard.


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Olivia Benson: [seeing Simon's body] That's my brother.

Background Information and Notes

  • Tamin says the title of this episode, referring to the murder of Carlos Hernandez's family in a low incoming housing project (the bad address).
  • Olivia ask Noah to show her some of his new dance moves. He's show an interest in dance since the episode "Down Low In Hell's Kitchen".
  • Actor Guillermo Díaz played another person wrongfully convicted in the episode "Justice Denied".
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Simon Marsden, who dies of a drug overdose in this episode. More details about what happened to Simon are shown in the season 22 episode "Trick-Rolled At The Moulin'".

Episode Scene Cards

1 2 3 4
Child Advocacy Center

207 East 130th Street

Monday, September 30th

Green Haven Correctional Facility

594 New York 216

Summerville, New York

Tuesday, October 1

Home of Detective Monte

157 Virginia Avenue

Staten Island, New York

Tuesday, October 1

Office of the District Attorney

1 Hogan Place

Wednesday, October 2

5 6 7
Office of the Queens District Attorney

80-02 Kew Gardens Road

Kew Gardens, New York

Friday, October 4

Jacob Lawrence Houses

2021 Lexington Avenue

Friday, October 4

Supreme Court Queens County

Part 16

Monday, October 7

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"Murdered at a Bad Address"
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