Law and Order
"Myth of Fingerprints"
L&O, Episode 12.07
Production number: E2209
First aired: 14 November 2001
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Teleplay By
Aaron Zelman & Terri Kopp

Story By
Eric Overmyer

Directed By
David Platt


A murder investigation leads to one of Van Buren's cases from 12 years earlier, and calls into question a fingerprint expert's courtroom testimony that resulted in the conviction of two men.


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Anita Van Buren: I'm fine, Lenny.
Lennie Briscoe: I just wanted to make sure.
Van Buren: You know, you nudge a witness in the right direction at a lineup. The gun was in plain view, not under the seat. We do that all the time.
Briscoe: You wouldn't have passed off those prints to the DA unless she told you there was a match.
Van Buren: Closin' that case got me noticed, Lennie. And I used to hear the whispers and the chatter behind my back. 'She got it because she's black'. 'She got it 'cause she's a woman'. And I never listened to any of that crap because I knew I had earned it.
Briscoe: You made Lieutenant because you're a great cop. All the drug collars you made, all the killers you put behind bars. This one case isn't gonna undo all of that
Van Buren: I'm not so sure, Lennie...I'm not so sure

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Family Court
140 Lafayette Street
Thursday, October 20

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Monday, October 24

BHG Security
841 Second Avenue
Monday, October 24

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Apartment Of
Brenda Warren
1803 West 112th Street
Friday, October 28

Forensic Laboratory
One Police Plaza
Friday, October 28

FBI Forensic Laboratory
322 Broadway
Wednesday, November 7

7 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Thursday, December 13

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Wednesday, December 19

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"Myth of Fingerprints"
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