Nadia Decotis
Nadia Decotis
Name Nadia Decotis
Affiliation Chicago Police Department
Division Intelligence Section
Precinct 21st District
Occupation Administrative assistant
College student
Former prostitute
Status Deceased
Actor Stella Maeve
First Appearance PD: "Now Is Always Temporary"
Last Appearance SVU: "Daydream Believer"

Nadia Decotis was a drug-addicted prostitute-turned-employee for the Chicago Police Department.


Nadia was arrested for prostitution by Detective Erin Lindsay, who helped her become clean. Afterwards, Nadia began to work with the Intelligence Section of the Chicago Police Department and study Criminology at college with hopes of becoming a police officer.

In the Chicago P.D. episode "The Number of Rats", she was kidnapped by suspected serial killer/rapist Greg Yates while she was buying a birthday cake for Lindsay, who she had become close to.

Yates held her captive and took her on a road trip from Chicago to New York. Upon arriving at New York, he raped, tortured, and ultimately murdered Nadia, but not before she left behind her scarf as evidence. Yates was later arrested and convicted of rape, sodomy, and first-degree murder concerning her case. (SVU: "Daydream Believer")


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