Nadia Grey
Name Nadia Grey
Pathology Assailant
Family Tomas Grey (husband)
Nico Grey (son; deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor Alexandra Silber
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"

Nadia Grey is a woman who burnt Marc Rajic alive in his room after suspecting him of kidnapping and murdering her son Nico.


Nadia was extremely protective of Nico due to their reputation as gypsies, which resulted in Nico frequently getting bullied at school. One day, she decided to let Nico walk to and from school. However, on the way home, Nico was kidnapped by two girls, Courtney Lane and Emma Butler, who killed him.

Upon discovering that Marc was the prime suspect of Nico's abduction and murder, Nadia flew into a rage and burnt Marc alive in his bedroom in an act of revenge. She was arrested for this, but it was left unknown if she was convicted and imprisoned for her actions. (SVU: "Lost Traveler")

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