Nancy (The Last Street in Manhattan)
Name Nancy
Affiliation Ellsworth & Company
Occupation Secretary
Status Alive
Actor Karan Kendrick
First Appearance "The Last Street in Manhattan"
Nancy is a secretary working at Ellsworth & Company, a powerful investment company ran by David Kellen.


In the Ellsworth & Company building Nancy is approached by Detectives Goren and Eames to talk about David, who was murdered the day before. Nancy tells the detectives that David went to La Chat Blanc with a woman who he never said as he keep his personal life private. When Nancy and the detectives reach David's office Detective Goren asks Nancy who David worked with the most to which she responded with David's number two, Aston Skinner but Aston was away at the time of David's murder. Detective Goren asks Nancy if there was any way killing was involved in David's work to which Nancy says there wasn't. Nancy says to the detectives that over the last few months David was acting different, not putting in the twenty hour days and seeming to be more happy than before. When Detective Goren finds a study guide to a college Nancy notes how David brought that in one day and never said why.

With the information given by Nancy the detectives visit La Chat Blanc and recieve information from the waiter of a discription of David's date, eventually, the detectives identify the name of David's date, Andrea Stiles. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan")

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