Law and Order
Law and Order
Nate Kendall
Nate Kendall Unstable.jpg
Name Nate Kendall
Title Detective
Affiliation New York City Police Department
Precinct 24th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Assailant
Family Kelly Kendall (daughter; deceased)
Unnamed ex-wife (deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Wentworth Miller
First Appearance "Unstable"

Nate Kendall is a NYPD detective.


Kendall is the first to come across a rape victim, who then becomes very attached. She refuses to speak about her assault without Kendall's presence. He isn't accustomed to working with victims and reacts callously, causing the SVU department to react negatively towards him (particularly detectives Olivia and Stabler, who end up having to work with him). While checking up on a suspect's alibi, Kendall assaults the ex-wife of the suspect.

He claims she was smoking crack at the time, that the apartment was without food, and that the woman's daughter (who was present for the assault) was filthy. Benson and Stabler walk in and are able to stop Detective Kendall. Benson tells him to take the girl to child services. Before taking her, Kendall tells the girl that his daughter likes cheeseburgers and asks if she does to.

Detective Kendall is shown to be particularly sensitive towards children (the girl in the apartment, a pimp he shoves in the streets for prostituting under-aged girls) and quickly admits that the girls reminded him of his ten year old daughter, Kelly. His ex-wife 'ran to Seattle to get away'.

He blames himself for the death of his daughter, though he claims his ex-wife had become involved with a drug dealer who blew them up while preparing meth.

Kendall saves Olivia, Elliot, and the evidence needed to convict Foster, proving that he is capable of sympathy and reason.

Sadly, it is proven to be a wasted effort once Foster committed suicide by throwing himself out of a bathroom window to his death, thus leaving Victor Tate in prison for another 15 years. (SVU: "Unstable")