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Neil Alexander
Neil alexander.jpg
Name Neil Alexander
Affiliation Office of Dr. Neil Alexander, D.D.S.
Occupation Dentist
Pathology Serial statutory rapist
Serial sexual assailant
Child molester
Proxy murderer
Proxy kidnapper
Serial harasser
Family Jiya Alexander (wife)
Marcy Davis (sister)
Luke Davis (brother-in-law)
Jenna Davis (niece)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Paul Adelstein
First Appearance "Decaying Morality"

Dr. Neil Alexander is a renowned dentist who raped many young women, including his niece Jenna Davis.


After becoming a prominent dentist and cultivating a good reputation, Neil, while being aided by his wife Jiya, would drug and either rape or molest teenage girls. Whenever a girl remembered that he raped them, he would bribe them to be quiet. At some point, Neil got a vasectomy, presumably to prevent any of his victims from becoming pregnant.

Decaying Morality[]

When his niece Jenna comes to his office for a dental appointment, Jiya drugs her so Neil can rape her, leaving semen under her shirt. After a disoriented Jenna accuses a pizzeria employee named Jerome Jones of raping her, Neil goes to the hospital with Jenna's parents Marcy and Luke. When Sergeant Benson tells them that Jones was released due to a lack of evidence, Luke flies into a rage, and Neil leads him away and gets him even more worked up, knowing he has a temper. When Luke murders Jones, Neil pays for his defense attorney.

When Jenna eventually remembers that Neil was the one who raped her, Detectives Amaro and Carisi go to Neil to collect his DNA, but claim that it was only to exclude him as a suspect. He introduces them to Jiya. Later, when it is reveled that the semen under Jenna's shirt came from him, Amaro and Carisi bring Neil into the precinct where they question him. He denies raping Jenna and claims that she is confused. Alexander then recommends a therapist for his sister Marcy to bring Jenna to, who convinces her that the drugs made her confused and that the detectives planted false memories in her. As a result, Jenna recants her accusation.

When journalist Jimmy MacArthur, an old friend of Benson's, prints an article in the New York Ledger alleging that Alexander raped several teenage girls, many of his victims come forward. Afterwards, Neil holds a press conference where he denies the charges. Later, Neil meets Jenna at a restaurant, where he initially denies sexually assaulting her and tells her that he would pay for her father's defense and take care of her and her mother as long as she recants her accusations against him. As he is about to leave, Jenna tells him that she was pregnant, but he tells her that he could not have gotten her pregnant because he had a vasectomy. Upon hearing this incriminating statement, Detective Tutuola arrests him. While being brought into the precinct, Marcy angrily tries to attack him for raping Jenna and manipulating Luke. While taking Neil's fingerprints, a disgusted Carisi loses his temper and nearly breaks Neil's hand for what he did to his niece and other victims. (SVU: "Decaying Morality")