"New York Minute"
L&O, Episode 16.08
Production number: 16009
First aired: 16 November 2005
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Written By
Nicholas Wootton

Directed By
Don Scardino


Detectives discover that the owner of a trucking company has been smuggling illegal aliens and suspect that a citizens' border patrol member has killed him.


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Guest cast



I think at some point this trailer overheated, and the people inside, the cargo, were literally cooked.

–CSU tech Lowden

Fontana: So you're telling us that you knew absolutely nothing about Stack hauling illegals?
Ken: I knew something was going down with his hauls.
Green: Who maintains the rigs?
Ken: I do.
Green: So when you were cleaning out blood, hair, loose fingernails from people who tried to claw their way out of a boiling hot trailer box, you classify that as "something going down"?

Dorn didn't want Clayton Stack killed to prevent illegal immigration but to keep himself out of jail.

–Jack McCoy

Prentiss: You're not terrified to see more buildings fall? More planes crash? I am. Terry is. He's gonna see it stops.
Borgia: By murdering innocent illegals?
Prentiss: You know they were innocent? I don't...and for my money, they shouldn't have been on that truck in the first place.

Terry Dorn: What kind of country locks up its patriots?
Ed Green: The same kind that gives you the right to remain silent. Exercise it.

Background information and notes

  • At the end of the episode, Branch gives Borgia a speech about how they should stay out of the government's business concerning the deportation of Mrs. Alvarez, an illegal immigrant whom they used as a witness. He is then ironically approached by a Latino bus boy who is presumably illegal himself. In the 1995 episode Rage where Jack and Claire tried a black stockbroker who killed his boss because he was angry with the way that he and other white people have treated African Americans in the past, a mental illness called "Black Rage." That episode had a similar ironic ending. As Jack and Claire are leaving the courthouse after winning the case, Jack hails a cab that actually should have stopped for a black man standing up the block from them. After Claire points it out, the cabby says something like, are you getting in or not? Proving that perhaps, the defense wasn't as unjustifiable as everyone had thought.

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