Nick Hunter
Name Nick Hunter
Pathology Assailant
Domestic abuser
Alleged murderer
Family Vera Hunter (mother)
Jules Hunter (ex-wife; deceased)
Ruby Hunter (daughter)
Unnamed sister-in-law
Status Alive
Actor Scott Porter
First Appearance "Sunk Cost Fallacy"

Nick Hunter is a domestic abuser who was initially suspected in the murders of his wife and daughter.


Hunter constantly abused his wife Jules physically. One incident occurred when he and his wife were out for dinner and he suspected his wife was flirting with the waiter, causing him to push her into the car and bruise her. He was also close to abusing his daughter Ruby as well; one day, he became annoyed when she was watching Frozen on the television with the volume up, and he threw the remote at her, just missing her head by inches.

Sunk Cost Fallacy

When Jules and Ruby are reported deceased, Nick is accused of murdering them and is incarcerated in Rikers, where he is assaulted by other inmates. However, Lieutenant Benson discovers that his wife and daughter are still alive and are in hiding, courtesy of former A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot. When he is released after making bail, he sues the NYPD, Benson, and A.D.A. Stone.

Benson is the first to be deposed, and she reveals that Ruby and Jules are alive. Afterwards, Benson tells Jules that she couldn't leave with Ruby in the way Cabot wanted her to. This results in Ruby being put into foster care while he and his wife fight in court regarding the abuse charges.

One night, while Benson and Cabot are out together, she receives a call about a car accident involving her detectives. She rushes to the scene and learns that Jules had died from her injuries, while Detective Carisi survived. The detectives begin to investigate and learn the car had hit them on purpose. Meanwhile, Hunter continues the depositions going on and calls ADA Stone. Hunter declares the SVU owed him money for what happened to him while he was in prison.

Because the car used was stolen, and Carisi couldn't see the driver, Hunter could not be definitively connected to the attack due to a lack of evidence, though Benson suspects that he did it due to the benefit of gaining sole custody of his daughter. Afterwards, Hunter wins the custody of Ruby due to Jules' death and is cleared of any wrongdoing, though Jules' sister is mentioned to have been trying to sue him for custody of Ruby.

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