Nick Potter is a new and inexperienced ADA. He graduated in the middle of his class from New York University (NYU) Law School, and he comes from an "old money" family of prominence. He left his high-paying job at a private law firm for a position at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. (Conviction: "Pilot") Nick is apparently attracted to Jessica Rossi; however, she is having an affair with Jim Steele. Nick is an idealist who wants to help those around him in whatever way he can, but his idealism and naiveté put him at odds with Steele's more aggressive and assertive nature. Nick was inadvertently responsible for the death of Jim's best friend, Mike Randolph. Although nobody else in the office believes Nick will last more than three months, Jessica Rossi has confidence in him and takes him under her wing. Since he is the new guy, he is also the target of pranks by the other members of the office (one that had him put a dress on to help finish up a hoax line up). Nick is the victim of a robbery where he is brutally beaten, and the event haunts him to the point where his professionalism is brought into question.