Law and Order
Law and Order
Nick Radsen
Name Nick Radsen
Occupation Student
Pathology Rapist
Family Unnamed mother
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jason Fuchs
First Appearance "Popular"

Nick Radsen was a student and the best friend of Tommy Kessler.


Nick and Tommy were known for throwing parties, at which they would have girls perform oral sex in exchange for beer, even though Nick disapproved of them. One of the girls, Cynthia Wilmont, also Tommy's girlfriend, would attend every party in order to be with the popular crowd. One night, it was almost Nick's birthday, and Tommy asked Cynthia to service Nick. She started crying, as if it was bad to be with Nick. She then said no, but laid down and didn't resist as Nick had sex with her.

A few days later, Nick pushed Cynthia down a staircase for accusing him of rape and not apologizing for giving him gonorrhea. While in interrogation, he confessed to having sex with her, but he said that she didn't resist and thought that it was consensual. He also confessed to pushing her down a staircase after being angry with her accusations. Nick was put on trial, and is serving a sentence in a juvenile facility. (SVU: "Popular")