Nicolas Amaro
Name Nicolas Amaro
Pathology Domestic abuser
Child abuser
Alleged assailant
Family Nick Amaro (son)
Zara Amaro (granddaughter)
Gilberto Mancheno (grandson)
Cesaria Amaro (ex-wife)
Sonya Amaro (daughter)
Gabriella Nuñez (fiancé)
Status Alive
Actor Armand Assante
First Appearance "Padre Sandungeuro"

Nicolas Amaro is the estranged father of Nick Amaro.


Nicolas was physically abusive to his ex-wife Cesaria as well as Nick when he was a child. When Nicolas was accused of assaulting his fiancé Gabriella at their rehearsal dinner, he is arrested. Nicolas claimed that a guest named Javier Arenas assaulted Gabriella, but Nick was not convinced.

Nick eventually testified against Nicolas, revealing the abuse he suffered at his hands, which angered Cesaria and Nicolas's daughter Sonya. Despite the claims, Nicolas was acquitted. He then returned to the precinct and tried to repair his relationship with Nick, but Nick replied that he was not ready. Nicolas claimed that Gabriella forgave him before he left, hinting that he did indeed abuse Gabriella. (SVU: "Padre Sandungeuro")

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