Nicole Keller
Nicole Keller
Name Dr. Nicole Keller
Occupation Psychiatrist
Pathology Statutory rapist
Proxy murderer
Family Daniel Keller (husband)
Luke Keller (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Sarah Wynter
First Appearance "Motherly Love"

Dr. Nicole Keller is a psychiatrist and statutory rapist who manipulated her teenage son into killing her underage lover.


Beneath her polished, professional facade, Nicole was a deviant who had a sexual preference for teenage boys. At some point, Nicole entered into a relationship with Trey Franklin, one of her son Luke's classmates. When she was in the middle of having sex with Trey, Luke returned home and caught them in the act. To escape being exposed as a statutory rapist, she yelled to Luke that Trey was raping her. Luke shot and killed Trey to defend her.

At first, the detectives believe her story until they discover nude selfies exchanged between her and Trey. She is arrested and taken to trial, where she continues to claim she was raped. When she senses that the jury does not believe her, she creates reasonable doubt by saying that Luke killed Trey because he had sexual feelings for her. Eventually, after Luke testifies against her one last time, Nicole is found guilty of murder in the second degree and rape of a minor in the third degree, and is sent to prison for life. (SVU: "Motherly Love")